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Vendors and Spotlight Breeds

Spotlight breeds are breeds that are considered critical. These will not be the only breeds present.

Buchanan's Barnyard-  Golden laced Sebrights, Silver Laced Sebrights, and Campine

Brooke's Coop- Buckeyes and Bourbon Red Turkeys

Freedom Farms- Dexter Cattle, Dairy Goats, British White Park Cattle, and Natural Heritage Beef.

Goforth Farms- Goat Soap, Goat Cheese, Nigerian Goats

McDaniel Sheafer Farms- Pony Rides, Education, and paracord halters

Lucky Ducky Poultry- Silkies, Ducklings, Turkens

Hop & Chirp Rabbitry- Rabbits

Compass Rose Creations- Handmade Goods

The Livestock Conservancy- Informational/ Donation Booth

Belted Dutch Cattle Club- Informational Booth

Blooming Herbals and Delights- candles, soaps, homemade items

Facepainting by Latoya- Facepainting and Hair braiding

Spurs and Spokes Stables- Walking Horses, Riding Lessons, Boarding

3B's Pet Boutique- Boutique Pet Items, Collars, Treats, and Dog Services

USBORNE BOOKS: Book Lady May- Farm books, Activity books, Educational resources

Montgomery's​Authentic German Treats and food, Silkies, Cut Flowers

Fleury Farms- Piglets, Mini pig education, Pigs

Rocking Chair Farm- Alpaca Products 

JMW- Custom Apparel

Wattles & Wings- Sussex, Orpingtons, Cochin Bantams, and Old English Game Bantams

Special Appearances By:

Budweiser: Tarver Distributions

Tennessee Mrs. Agriculture USA

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