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Shipped Eggs

We take extra care when shipping eggs. Each egg is individually wrapped with bubble wrap. To help increase your odds of hatching please follow these steps. 

1. Let your shipped eggs rest for 24 hours before putting them into the incubator. 

2. DO NOT WASH your eggs before incubation. 

Shipped Chicks

Chicks can suffer from shipping stress. To help combat this, we send all of our chicks with food, Grogel, frozen fruit, and a heat pack. There is also a small sample of electrolytes to use as soon as they arrive. 


1. As soon as chicks arrive, open the package in a warm area. 

2. Add the included packet of electrolytes to a pint waterer. 

3. Transfer chicks to brooder. 

We have the right to delay shipment of day old chicks dependent upon weather and holidays. 

Full grown birds (when available)

Shipping boxes for full grown poultry will be added to shipping costs. We have the right to delay shipment dependent upon weather and holidays. All birds are shipped Priority Express through USPS or Overnight through FedEx based on circumstances. Once your birds arrive please follow the steps below. 

1. Immediately inspect chickens upon arrival. 

2. Offer water to them as soon as possible. 

3. Offer food to them within first 12 hours of arriving. 

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