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Ayam Cemani

We will have chicks and growouts available!

Our Lines have lineages traced back to Greenfire farms 2011 import, Raven lines, Banko, and Lord Sith genetics. We take pride in the genetics that we are working with. 

Silverudd Blues formerly Isbars

We will be offering eggs, chicks, and growouts when availability allows. Our Silverudd Blues have lineage traced back to the first and second import. We recently added lines from Lisa Creekmur. 

Cayuga Ducks

We will be offering eggs and ducklings!

Golden Laced Sebright

Hatching eggs, chicks, and growouts will be available! 

White and Brown Chinese Geese

We will be offering goslings and hatching eggs as availability allows. 

Olive Eggers

Our marans paired under a silverudd blue rooster make for some gorgeous first generation olive eggers! Eggs, chicks, and growouts will be available!

Other Products that will be available! 

Hello Farmtastic

Henny & Roo

Messy Mildred

5R Farm​

The Bundle Box

Last year we sent 25 of these out to product testers and the feedback was Amazing! We will be offering these beginning Spring of 2021!

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